Before I started my studies in Darmstadt I worked for one  year in a photostudio in Fulda, the city where I grew up, did my A-Levels (in 2002) and where I discovered my desire for photography. In 2003 I started my studies in Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Darmstadt.

I decided to complete my work experience component of the course in Barcelona, Spain. Here I worked for 6 months as an assistant in the photostudio of Dolors Gimenez and learned a lot about wedding photography and how to work with children. 

After returning to Darmstadt I started specializing in documentary photography. I consider presenting different views of life and informing people through photographs as an important part of my work. I always also refer to the audience, to the person that is looking at a photograph  asking themselves what the intention of the photographer might be. That is why I came up with the idea of „Construction of reality“. None of these 10 people exist as I portray them. I photographed 20 people under the same conditions in a photostudio. In the post production process I changed noses, eyes, parts of the faces etc. Even when you enlarge the photographs it is almost impossible to see that I have made alterations. However if you look really closely, comparing all the pictures, you can see that some parts might be repeated. Via the combined images of the ten people portrayed, the audience is supposed to explore my intention. To always look and think before you believe what you see.

I had further opportunity  to study abroad in 2007, when with the help of the „Hessen-Queensland“ scholarship I studied for one term in Australia in Rockhampton (Central Queensland University). During that period I photographed the series „Diving Day“. After this term I decided to extend my stay for a few months in Sydney, with the idea of doing my Diploma there. I wanted to explore the „Australian Identity“ and in the „Society Magazine“ you are able to see the results of this body of work.  I interviewed and photographed people in Sydney with  different cultural backgrounds, this was an exciting venture and I gained a wealth of knowledge about „Sydneysiders“ and Australia in general.

After coming back to Germany I finished the magazine and took the final exams for my studies. I received my degree in Communication-Design in 2008. After that I successfully applied for a scholarship in Spain and so had the chance to go to San Sebastián, to practise the language and to do an internship in „Noticias de Gipuzkoa“, a local newspaper in the Basque Country. I enjoyed the city so much that I  stayed there after my internship finished, it was hard finding work, so I took several jobs unrelated to photography in order to earn money, however I always continued to work on my personal portfolio.

But my interest in people and cultures led me to leave Europe again, to spend 3 months in Bali in 2010. After exploring the culture with its many different religious ceremonies, beautiful beaches and surfers, I worked on the series „Bali life“.


Katharina Bauer (*1982)